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Thank you for visiting Primary Principles, this website is for parents, grandparents and teachers of children ages 3-8.  Writing is my way of telling others about our magnificent Heavenly Father who changed my life. Even though I was brought up in the church, I was well into adulthood when I realized the extent of God's love for me.  He created me for a wonderful purpose and He has given everything needed to fulfill that purpose. 

God has this same love for all of his creations.  He cannot do anything different because God is love (I John 4:8, NIV) and He loves you! (John 3:16).  This primary or foundational principle is the basis for all that He does.  Stemming from his love are other simple things we need to know about God.  This website addresses some of them with an emphasis on parent/child interaction and a unique resource store for adults and children.

Walter Lee Southall (1927-2012) was my father and a self-taught folk artist.  The Easter/Get Well card and prints which will be on this website are reproductions of his oil paintings mentioned in the story Eulogy of an Angel Reacher in the book God's Transforming Love: Faith, Restoration, and Prayer.  Very few people knew about his gift.  He gave away or charged little for his paintings.  His joy was in the creation of the artwork.  What is your gift?  Are you sharing it with someone?  L00K FOR WALTER'S CONTRIBUTIONS, Winter of 2017!

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The Lord gave Sherri a vision for this Christmas card which she asked me to illustrate.  She followed the guidance of the Holy Spirit and is now selling different variations of the card.  She wants the emphasis on the card, not her.  Therefore, even though she and her identical twin are beautiful, you will not find her picture nor blog on this site.  What has God put on your heart to do?


you are the most important contributors to this webpage.

YOU are the one who will take what is presented here and discuss it with your young one.

YOU will be spending extra time  teaching your child a Bible verse.

YOU will be reading the resources with or for your little one to make sure he gets the correct understanding.

YOU will help your child write to Ian.

Thank you for all of your help!!

Thanks to  parents, Walter and Lillian Southall's Christian foundation, I have taught children/adults in church since my teens.  It is a pleasure to now serve as one of the ministers at Born Again Church and Christian Outreach Ministries in Nash., TN (under pastors Bishop Horace and Kawanis Hockett). 

After retiring from teaching grades pre-k thru 4 in the Metropolitan Nashville-Davison County Public School System, I  supervised student teachers and taught method courses  at Middle Tennessee State University.  My first publication as a writer and illustrator, I Can Do It: A Skills Activity Book for Home School Coordinators, Parents and Teachers was for Nashville's school system in 1988.

Now I am returning to writing by putting my passions for the Lord and teaching together.  This writing is done in Tennessee, where my brother, Kenneth, and I have lived all of our lives.

There is something the Lord has put in your heart to do, to become.  It is  time to do it now!  He will guide you and give you what is needed. 

Hi, I am Ian.  I am six years old and I love God, and Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and my family.  You can find me in the book M. Renee wrote called My Big Daddy Loves Me and He Can Do Anything!  I know God loves me.  He sent the Holy Spirit to me through Jesus (John 14:26) to help me live right.  God loves me that much!!  Momma says, "The right way to live is to act like Jesus".  Sometimes I do not know how Jesus would act.  Sometimes, I know, but do not want to act that way. But the  Holy Spirit is always  right there in me  to tell me what to do (John 16:13). The good things I do when I act like Jesus makes my light shine (Matthew 5:16).  That is why you see light in and around me.  I am glad to have help from the Holy Spirit because I do the wrong thing.......... a lot. 

If you have a question post it on my blog or send me an email.  M. Renee will look it up in the Bible.  I will send you the answer and where she found it. I also have a section in this website called Ian's Wisdom.  When you see me I will be talking about or doing something for children.